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STEM for Kids – Tinker Crate Review

I absolutely love finding gift ideas that keep my kids busy and help them learn something in the process. We’ve had fantastic luck with crates from Kiwi Co. and were so excited when they sent us a Tinker Crate to review. This was a HUGE hit with my kids. They love to build things, so assembly was fun for them but they loved how creative they could get with the project once it was put together.

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STEM Activity – Life Cycle Glue Suncatchers

My kids love to learn about the world around them and finding ways to combine STEM activities with art is always their favorite. These Life Cycle Suncatchers are so much fun to make and they are created using Elmer’s Glue, which we stocked up on at our local Michaels. With this project, kids can learn about the lifecycle of flowers (or anything else you’d like to focus on).

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Exploring the Chemistry Crate from Kiwi Co.

Finding activities that really get kids excited about science can be overwhelming. There really are so many options out there but for many of them, you have to have a science background and a lot of time to gather materials. We were sent the new Chemistry Crate from Kiwi Co. to test out and it is a new favorite in my house. Designed for kids ages 12 and up, this chemistry kit comes with everything you need to do dozens of fun experiments.

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DIY Succulent Planter for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect activity to let your kids get their hands a little dirty? Gardening is a fantastic activity for kids and these DIY succulent planters are the perfect place to start. My kids love the idea of gardening but unfortunately, we are still in the learning stage and a lot of the things we have planted in the past have . . . well, come to an untimely end.

I love succulents for kids (and me as as slightly black thumbed adult) because they are seriously so hard to kill.

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