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How to Pay for Christmas without Killing Your Budget

Christmas is a magical time of year. It’s also freaking expensive.

You aren’t going to enjoy the holiday season if you are worried about paying for everything. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you get through the holiday season without killing your budget.

As a family of 8, Christmas can get expensive really fast at my house. We used to go overboard during the holidays and then we’d end up paying for it (literally and mentally) in January.

The temporary fun of giving lots of gifts wasn’t worth the emotional toll it took when we had all those expenses hanging over our heads.

When we started making changes and started celebrating without killing our holiday budget, we all started enjoying the holidays a lot more and my kids developed an attitude of gratitude that I hadn’t seen in them before.

If you are worried about how you are going to pay for Christmas, we have some tips that will help your budget (and your stress level).

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