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What to Read After Harry Potter

Are you looking for a great book series to read after Harry Potter? These books are proven page-turners and they are so good that you will probably want to read along with your kids.

There is no doubt that Harry Potter is one of the best ways to get kids reading. Even reluctant readers latch onto this series and it is fantastic for sparking an interest in reading that lasts long after kids read the last page in the series.

All my kids absolutely love reading, thanks in part to Harry Potter and some of these amazing books that we’ve fallen in love with. As a lifelong reader myself, I love celebrating some of our favorite books right along with them.

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Goldfish Alphabet Game for Preschoolers

Teaching my kids to read has always been my one of my favorite stages of parenting. It’s so fun to see the light just turn on as they slowly start to recognize that letters make sounds, and sounds turn into words. This fun Goldfish® crackers Alphabet game for preschoolers is perfect for early letter recognition and such a hit for the little soccer fans in your life, and with a little thanks to Walmart, we had everything we needed to play.

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Fun Ways to Encourage your Reluctant Writer

I grew up writing for fun so when my own kids decided that writing was a fate worse than death I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that. For years I tried to teach my kids to write by using all the methods that I had liked as a kid. It took me a while to realize that reluctant writers need to be handled a bit differently.

With 3 boys, some who are more reluctant writers than others, I’ve had to get creative in my approach for teaching them that writing can be fun. We’ve come up with some creative ways to get them writing and practice their basic writing skills without turning it into chore.

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Preschool Sensory Activity – Salt Writing

This simple preschool sensory activity can be done using basic household supplies — just salt and a cookie sheet! I love doing sensory activities with my kids. Before my kids are old enough for structured crafts or more formal preschool activities, we start with sensory activities. Yes, they are messy, but kids get so much out of sensory activities, especially during the preschool years and they always have a blast.

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