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7 Reasons the Tooth Fairy Forgot to Come

Tooth FairyThe Tooth Fairy must have a lot on her plate lately because she’s been a no-show the last few times we’ve had teeth go missing. A few times she was a day late and one time she snuck in at the last minute before a child woke up the next morning.

Now I know stuff comes up. I get it. But there’s just no excuse for that. I had to set her straight so we can make sure the tooth fairy is on time in the future.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My kids are asking for a reason why you didn’t show up the last time a tooth went missing. I’m sure you have an excellent reason but they are worried and they want to know.

Having a wiggly tooth is very stressful for them . . . especially since they have a Dad who keeps threatening to tie a string to their wiggly tooth and slam the door. When that little tooth finally comes out they are so relieved. They really look forward to your visit and were concerned when you didn’t show up.

There’s only a few reasons I can think of why you didn’t show up:

1. You ran out of fairy dust. It happens. I used to be in the habit of running out of gas but I made a real effort to develop better habits. With a little bit of planning this shouldn’t happen again. I’ll explain it to my kids and let them know you are sorry.

2. The Bedroom was too messy. If only I knew how to fix that problem!  I’ll let my kids know that they need to clean things up. Maybe we can take a raincheck and have you come tomorrow if they actually clean their room?

3. The stress got to you. I feel you on that one. Unfortunately mom’s don’t get to take a day off so neither do tooth fairies. You’ll just have to stick it out and suffer through like the rest of us.

4. It was a busy tooth day. It’s probably feast or famine in the tooth business. You probably just had so many kids to get to that you have to roll a few over to the next night. We’ll set the tooth out again for you. We even have a cute tooth pillow so it’s easy for you to find.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

5. You thought another tooth fairy was taking care of this one. Even tooth fairies have miscommunications, I guess. I hope you have a better system in place by the time one of my kids looses another tooth.

6. The kids went to bed too late. By the time they fell asleep you were just too tired to fly all the way out here. Those rough bedtime nights are hard on me too. Next time that happens we should just meet up in the kitchen for a giant chocolate cake while we wait for them to fall asleep. We both work hard. We deserve a little treat.

7. It was just an off day. Sometimes nothing comes together the way you planned it. I have days like that too. It’s okay. Just try harder next time. Really, try harder, because next time my kids might be so devastated that they give up believing in magic altogether and we can’t have that.

I’ll let my kids know that everyone makes mistakes and that you’ll try harder next time.


A mom who understands dropping the ball

While we are waiting, we’ll be reading one of our favorite Tooth Fairy Books.

The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy book


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Does the Tooth Fairy ever forget to come to your house?


Monday 23rd of October 2017

I just said that the tooth was so small and so far under the pillow that the tooth fairy probably couldn’t find it without risking waking my daughter up. The next night I got her to put her tooth in a labeled bag and leave it at the edge of the pillow. The tooth fairy left a very apologetic explanatory note and (just to conflate Easter with the tooth fairy), that she’d hidden a couple of small chocolate eggs to say sorry. Yeah, kind of strange for the tooth fairy to be giving sugary presents, but hey, it did the trick! The only problem is that now my daughter wants to correspond with the tooth fairy, meet her, and leaves presents. Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Tooth Fairy Solutions - KidStyleFile

Sunday 18th of September 2016

[…] Seven Reasons the Tooth Fairy Forgot to Come via Busy Mommy Media […]


Sunday 7th of June 2015

Once our tooth fairy forgot and we told our daughter that her tooth came out a day early so the tooth fairy wasn't ready to come by to pick it up. Worked like a charm!


Monday 8th of June 2015

Our tooth fairy had another slip up this week. Fortunately my son is not a morning person and a few hours later he said, "Oh yea! I need to go see if the Tooth Fairy came!". He gave me enough time to intercept.

Sue at the Little Shack

Wednesday 28th of January 2015

Jeepers! I could have used this when my kids were growing up! I managed to forget so many times. lol...Oh well... they survived and don't hold it against me. Found you on the #WonderfulWednesday hop.


Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

Our Tooth Fairy is terrible. My kids now expect her to be a day late.