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Raining Hearts Valentine’s Day Craft

My kids love to read and one of our favorite things to do is come up with crafts that go along with our favorite books. This cute little Valentine’s Day craft for kids goes along with one of our favorite Valentine’s Day books: The Day it Rained Hearts. This is always a fun read and this art project is easy enough that even young preschoolers can do it.

Raining Hearts Valentine's Day Craft

We keep a collection of pictures books for every holiday and my kids love when we switch holidays and they get to pull out books they haven’t seen in a year.

One of the books that gets a lot of reading time during the weeks before Valentine’s Day is The Day it Rained Hearts.

The Day it Rained Hearts Valentine's Day Picture Book

This is such a cute little story and the illustrations are super cute (done by the Illustrator of If you Give a Mouse a Cookie).

We love celebrating holidays with books. My big kids have great memories of reading together and they’ll stop what they are doing and listen when we read their favorites even though they are “way too big for that sort of thing”.

If you want some fun suggestions for books, we highly recommend Bookroo subscription boxes. They always send great books so we’ve been discovering some new seasonal favorites.

Raining Heart’s Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

This little craft is so simple but it’s such a fun activity as a follow up to The Day it Rained Hearts.

We used cotton balls to make a big, fluffy cloud at the top of the page.

For my 3 year old twins, I put the glue down (in a roughly cloud shape) and let them put the cotton balls down any way they wanted.

To make the hearts, slice thin strips of paper. We used pink and red.

The Day it Rained Hearts Craft

Loop the ends around (like you are forming a circle), then reverse the ends to form a heart. I pull the bottom down to a point and fold the paper. Staple or tape it where the ends connect.

This step is a little hard for preschoolers but my kids loved playing with these cute little hearts when we were done and they loved gluing them down onto the paper.

Raining Hearts Craft

Place the hearts coming down from the cloud to look like rain. My kids had so much fun coming up with different ways to place them here.

Put a layer of glue along one side of the hard and press it onto the paper.

Once this dries (overnight) the hearts will stay put and make a fun picture to display.

Raining Hearts Valentine's Day Craft

My girls sure had fun with this and they made fun little pictures to hang up as Valentine’s Day decorations.

Raining Hearts Valentine's Day Craft

Raining Hearts Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

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