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Washi Tape Bead Necklace

washi tape beadsToday I have a fun craft to share with you that your daughter/niece/little sister will love!

I was inspired by traditional paper beads (like these recycled magazine beads) for this craft but to make it easier and less messy I decided to use washi tape. That way, young kids can participate without having to use a paper cutter or make a mess with glue.

To do this craft you will need:

  • a variety of washi tape rolls (I love the value pack here)
  • scissors
  • paper
  • string
  • a pencil, or pen

washi tape beads

Make your Washi Tape Bead Necklace

To start, cut little rectangles with paper that are the width of the washi tape and long enough to wrap around your pencil.

Next tape your paper rectangle to the end of your washi tape. This is so the tape doesn’t stick to your pencil and so the beads wont be sticky on the inside.

Start rolling your tape around the pencil and wrap it around at least 2 or 3 times. You can keep wrapping it around more if you want a thicker bead.

washi tape beads

Using any string or yarn you choose, string up your beads and tie in the back.

This craft is perfect for ages 5+. It takes a little bit of coordination that younger kids might struggle with.

If you want to get fancy with this, you can change the shape of your beads by cutting the washi tape into elongated triangles before you roll them. Have fun with it!

washi tape beads

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washi tape beads