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25 of the Best Work at Home Jobs for Moms

If you have young kids, it can make having a career of any sort a bit more challenging. Sometimes you have to be a bit flexible to find a job that works with your family situation. Many moms find that working at home gives them the best work/life balance and helps them have the career they want while still being home with their kids. These 25 work at home jobs are some of the best we’ve found for moms.

I have worked at home since my oldest son was 6 months old and it has been the best option for me. Working from home is not perfect and it does generally still require you to have some form of childcare, but it can be a great way to have more flexibility in your schedule and build a career that you love from home.

I’ve tried a bit of everything. When I first started working from home almost 16 years ago, work at home jobs were harder to come by.

I found that I had to create my own so I opened a home daycare that ended up being fairly successful.

Now I blog full-time, teach with VIPKid, and work as a social media manager.

If you are in our Busy Work at Home Mom Facebook group you know that there are all kinds of options for working at home. I’m seeing more and more companies posting remote job opportunities and I love seeing how much the work-at-home landscape is changing.

Some work at home jobs are definitely better suited to moms with young kids than others are. These are some of the best work at home jobs we’ve found for moms.

If your kids are very young, check out this list of work at home jobs you can do during naptime.

Great Work at Home Jobs for Moms

How to Get Hired with VIPKid

1 Teaching English Online – There are quite a few companies that have popped up in the last few years that hire home-based teachers to teach English to children in China. I’ve personally taught with VIPKid, which is one of the better-known companies for over a year and I pull in around $1500 a month doing it on the side. I have some tips for getting hired with VIPKid here.

There are dozens of other companies that hire work at home teachers too. All of them now require a Bachelor’s degree and most want at least some ESL experience but they provide quite a bit of training. I love this as an option for moms because you can work while your kids are sleeping. It’s one of the few jobs that won’t require any childcare.

2 Blogging – I have personally supported my family of 8 for the last 6+ years with blogging, so I’m biased, but I think it’s the perfect job for moms with young kids. If you have a passion for something (anything, really), the ability to find your way around a few of the more technical parts of blogging, and some basic photography skills it could be good fit for you. I have information on starting a blog here.

With that being said, blogging is hard work and it does take some time to build up. I was blogging for several years before I earned a full-time income so I always recommend it as a supplementary income or hobby in the early stages.

If you are serious about earning an income with blogging, I HIGHLY recommend the Elite Blog Academy. The course is not open right now but it will be soon so I’d recommend getting on the waitlist.

3 E-commerce – If you want something that gives you flexibility throughout the day, e-commerce can be a great way to go. You can start off quickly by selling through eBay or Amazon FBA. You can buy products on sale at local stores and online for resale (a.k.a. retail arbitrage) or sign up for a wholesale account through a distributor.

4 Be a Virtual Assistant – There is a wide range of what you can do as a virtual assistant but it can be a great job for moms who have young kids at home. The virtual assistants that I have seen be the most successful specialize in one specific thing. You could focus on content creation, graphic design, Pinterest management, Facebook, community management, etc. Anything that there is a need for in business can be a great focus for a virtual assistant.

I’d highly recommend training yourself in Pinterest management, SEO, or printable creation. SEO is in seriously high demand right now. The best course I’ve found that really makes SEO understandable is Sticky Blogging and it is affordable. You can check out the Sticky Blogging course here.

I’d recommend taking a few classes on whatever topic you are most interested in before trying to find clients. I’d recommend online classes through Udemy because they are very affordable and have some really great information. I’ve been impressed with the courses I have taken.

5 Work as a Social Media Manager – Being a social media manager, especially if you work as an independent contractor or work with small local businesses can offer you a lot of flexibility and because you are running your own business you can create the schedule that works best for your family situation.

I would HIGHLY recommend you work on staying current on social media trends and tools if you plan to work as a professional social media manager. I make a habit of reading sites like Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today and ProBlogger to stay up to date on current trends. I’m constantly taking courses so that I can target in on skills that are in demand. If you are willing to put the work into it, this can be a great career path when you need some flexibility in your life.

6 Graphic Designer – Being a graphic designer definitely requires some skill and isn’t for everyone. You will likely need a strong educational background if you want to get a remote job in-house but if you have the skills and a good eye you can certainly work as a freelancer. Create custom work for small businesses and individuals or create products to sell on sites like Etsy and Creative Market.

7 Create Stock Photography – This is another job that requires skills, but they are skills that can be learned and practiced if you have a good eye. Being a professional photographer can be time-consuming and always requires childcare but being a stock photographer allows you to sell the images you have created over and over again. Building up a collection of stock photos can help you earn a decent income without putting in any set hours.

You can sell stock images on your own or use sites such as iStock, ShutterStock, and Adobe Stock.

8 Become a Virtual Teacher. There are so many more work at home jobs for teachers than you think there are. Many moms have good luck working remotely for an online university, like this mom, or working as a certified teacher for a virtual charter school such as These jobs have the benefit of being much more flexible than a traditional brick and mortar teaching job and many allow you to set your own hours.

Check out our list of work at home job for teachers to see more of the remote jobs that are available for teachers.

9 Create a Course. Are you knowledgeable about something that you could share? Why not create a course and earn a residual income every time you sell access to it. You can do this on your own or use a platform like Teachable where they make course creation easy. Another option is to host a course somewhere like Udemy where they do most of the selling for you as well.

10 Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be a great career for work at home moms with younger kids at home because it can be done at any time of the day. As long as you get the work done in a timely manner, most clients don’t care when you do it. To break into freelance writing you can look for blogs that pay for content (or accept guest posts if you need writing samples). I’d recommend looking on sites like and Upwork to find clients as a new freelancer.

To find a wider variety of freelance writing jobs, I’d highly recommend investing in a copy of Writer’s Market. This is released annually and is the most comprehensive resource for paid writing jobs.

11 Home Daycare Provider

Being a home daycare provider may not be something that you’d consider very profitable but it can bring in a livable and reliable income, especially if you have young kids at home who need your attention and won’t allow you to work uninterrupted at home. Running a home daycare is one of the few work at home jobs that won’t require you to have some form of childcare.

When I first quit my teaching job in order to stay home with my oldest son, I opened a home daycare. I ran my daycare for almost 5 years and it worked out amazingly well for my family. Between parent tuition, state funding grants, and the childcare food nutrition program I averaged an income of $3500 a month while taking care of my own children at the same time. Find out how to open a home daycare here and check out your local resource and referral agency to find out what opportunities are available in your own area.

12 Work as a Freelance Editor

There are some great remote editing jobs out there and most of them will not require you to work set hours. We often post work at home editing jobs in our Facebook group for work at home moms. If you do not have previous editing experience, I’d recommend taking a course. This basic grammar course is a great place to start. If you want to go more in-depth I’d look into some training through ACES, The Society for Editing.

13 Sell Products Through an MLM

I hesitate to bring this up because I have serious hesitations recommending that anyone sign up for an MLM. I have worked with several and both made and lost money. That being said, you CAN make money with an MLM but far more people lose money. Many companies practice predatory marketing tactics, both with their consultants and with their customers.

Working with an MLM can be a flexible work opportunity. I would never recommend it if you need a stable income but if you are looking for a side gig it is not a bad option, provided you are smart about it. Before signing up for an MLM, I’d recommend reading our tips on what not to do when you are with an MLM so you don’t alienate any of your friends. Some companies are definitely better than others. I no longer recommend Senegence (even though I made quite a bit of money with them) because of the way they run their business, but doTerra is reputable and takes care of their consultants without forcing them to buy large quantities of product if you want an easy place to start.

14 Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you are looking for side gig income and don’t need a full-time job, working as an Amazon Mechanical Turk can be a great option. These are not high paying jobs but they can be consistent and is a great way to break into working from home. I have not personally worked with them so I don’t have any personal recommendations on this one but if you need something quick and easy, this could be a great place to start.

15 Transcribing

It is difficult to make a full or even part-time income transcribing but it can be a great option for a side gig. If you are a fast and accurate typist, you can definitely make a reliable side income. hires remote transcriptionists. They pay on a per-project basis so you can work around your schedule. I would recommend a good pair of headphones so you can accurately hear the recordings. I have the wireless version of these and absolutely love them but this version is cheaper. Some of the recording quality is not great so you’ll need a quiet environment to work in.

16 Medical Coding

Medical coding can be a great field to get into as a work at home mom, especially if you have any experience in the medical field. You will need some training in order to do this but there are quite a few online training programs that you can do from home. CareerStep has a reputable medical coding training program that is a good place to start.

17 Accountant / Bookkeeper

Working as an accountant or bookkeeper lends itself very easily to remote work. Most accountants spend a lot of time working on their own anyway so transitioning to a work at home position or finding a remote job can be fairly easy. Many accountants work as freelancers. Being a freelancer will not come with benefits but it does allow you quite a bit of flexibility.

I’d highly recommend starting with this free bookkeeping course if you are looking for bookkeeper training. If you are ready to invest in a full training, they have an amazing and very thorough course here that would prepare you to work as a bookkeeper.

If you’d prefer an in-house position, that is fairly easy to do if you have some accounting experience. TurboTax is currently hiring remote accountants but there are also positions with may small and mid-size businesses.

18 Live Chat Agent

There are loads of remote customer service jobs but it can be a tricky position if you have young kids at home. A great option is to look for a chat-based customer service position. Working as a live chat agent from home won’t require you to have a completely quiet work environment, although you will likely need some help with your kids whether it is a mother’s helper or an older sibling. Check out some live chat agent jobs here or 1-800 contacts often hires for chat-based customer service roles as well.

19 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an amazing field to be in. I’ve worked as an affiliate marketer for over ten years. Quite a bit of what I do is based around my blog but you can work as an affiliate marketer with a static website, newsletter, or social channels.

If you aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, you earn a commission by referring other people to a product or service. This post includes affiliate links (as do many of the other posts on this site). I only recommend products and services that I really enjoy so I feel good about what I do and there’s no pressure to hit certain sales numbers, purchase products, or carry an inventory the way there is with an MLM or reselling business.

20 Create YouTube videos

If you are comfortable on camera (or even if you aren’t) you can make a great income by creating YouTube videos. I’ve seen moms have great luck with lifestyle videos, hands-only craft videos and all kinds of other topics. Even if you aren’t comfortable on camera, there are quite a few options for creating videos that don’t require you to be in the spotlight.

Many videos that are simply hands-only videos or screen shares do very well. If you have knowledge about a topic and a desire to share that, YouTube may be a great option for you. It is super flexible and can include the rest of your family if you’d like.

21 Become an Instacart Shopper

While not technically not a work at home job, working as an Instacart shopper can be a great flexible job option. If you have school-aged children you could do this while your kids are in school or you could work around your spouse’s work schedule. This is not a full-time income (although I have heard of people doing really well with Instacart) this can be a great side gig. Sign up to be an Instacart shopper here.

22 Create an Etsy store

Etsy can be a great way to earn an extra income if you are crafty or have the ability to create products (whether they are physical products or digital). Etsy has everything you need to run a business from home. I’ve seen some very creative moms on Etsy selling everything from digital downloads to vintage jewelry. Etsy has become way more than a place to sell crafts so even if you don’t consider yourself a crafter, check out some of the things that are doing well on Etsy. It may end up being a great option for you.

23 Find Placement for Foreign Exchange Students

Many companies hire local people to find families who are willing to host foreign exchange students. These are remote-jobs, although some require attending local events or meeting with families on an occasional basis. If you enjoy connecting with people and you are active in your local community, this may be a great fit for you. Companies strongly encourage you to host your own foreign exchange student, and many of these placements are unpaid, so take that into consideration first. Aspect Foundation is one company that hires Coordinators.

24 Be a Remote Teacher

If you have a current teaching license or an advanced degree there are quite a few job opportunities that hire remote workers. Check out this list of work at home job opportunities for teachers. If you are not a licensed teacher, but you have an advanced degree, many online universities hire remote professors. This mom has loved working as an instructor for Western Governors University.

25 Community Manager

Many large and mid-size businesses hire community managers to moderate comments on their Facebook groups and Pages. This can be a great job work moms because it does not require a quiet work environment. If you are naturally great with people and have good communication skills, this could be a great opportunity for you. You’ll need basic writing, grammar, and typing skills, as well as industry-specific knowledge in order to respond to questions and comments.


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