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Add Instagram Hashtags to The First Comment with Tailwind

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

Tailwind is one of the most important tools for my blogging business and now they have made it even better with the ability to add Instagram hashtags to the first comment. This will clean up your Instagram post and save you a step if you are currently doing this manually.

Add Instagram Hashtags to The First Comment with Tailwind

I absolutely love Tailwind for helping me to simplify my blogging workflow. I’ve tried dozens of tools over the years and Tailwind is the one I stick with (find out why here).

Seriously, if you have not tried Tailwind yet, hurry and sign up for a trial. It is life changing for your blog.

Now Tailwind is taking things to the next level by adding in the ability to post hashtags to the first comment instead of putting them at the bottom of your Instagram post.

Why do you want your hashtags in the first comment?

Many Instagrammers prefer to put hashtags in the first comment. It leaves the Instagram post itself with a cleaner look.

Hashtags are so helpful in getting your Instagram post seen … but they aren’t that pretty to look at. Putting them in the first comment means they aren’t front and center. Once your followers start commenting on a post, the post with the hashtags in them gets tucked away.

In the past, with Tailwind your choices were to either include hashtags within the caption itself or add them in the first comment after the post goes live.

I’m a huge fan of Tailwind’s predictive hashtag feature. It makes it so much easier for me to come up with hashtags that are a good fit for my post and it has made a huge difference in the visibility of my posts. For that reason, I’m not a fan of adding the hashtags manually because I miss out on that great feature in Tailwind.

 How to Add Hashtags in the First Comment with Tailwind


Tailwind has made it super simple to add your hashtags to the first comment on your Instagram post.

All you do is upload your image to your Tailwind dashboard (if you do not have a Tailwind account already you can sign up for a trial here).

Type your caption as you normally would and add in your hashtags using the predictive hashtag feature (or if you are an overachiever feel free to type them all out by hand).

Once you have everything just the way you want it, just select the button under the caption that says “Post hashtags in first comment” (see the image below).

That’s it. Just add it to your queue and automatically schedule it.

Adding hashtags in the first comment with Tailwind

This is such an easy solution and really makes Tailwind just that much better.

If you have a Business account, Tailwind also just launched video auto posting for business accounts. I love that Tailwind is always adapting and making changes that simplify my life!

If you haven’t signed up for Tailwind yet, go here to sign up for a free trial

*This post contains affiliate links.