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Kids Art: Painted Paper Weaving

Painted Paper Weaving on

Remember doing paper weaving art projects as a kid? They were always so much fun (even for me as someone with *ahem* absolutely no artistic ability). This painted paper weaving project is a fun twist on a classic and you can do it with materials that you probably already have at home. Older kids will love creating something unique. Younger kids can even join the fun by helping choose colors and practicing their fine motor skills. This simple kids art project is perfect for keeping kids busy and the final product looks great in a frame.


  • Construction paper
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • a frame (optional)


Painted Paper Weaving on

Choose the paper you’d like to use as the base for your project. We used white paper so the paint would show up better.

Paint any design you’d like. Get creative. Use lots of colors. My 3 year old had a blast with this part of the project.

Let your paper dry completely.

When it’s dry, fold your paper in half and cut in strips on the folded edge, leaving 1-2 inches of paper uncut. Do this all the way across your paper.

Painted Paper Weaving on


Cut strips of construction paper in 1 inch strips. These don’t have to be exact. A few imperfections add to the charm of this project. We threw in some strips of scrapbook paper for variety. You could even use newspaper or wrapping paper. Get creative.

Weave the paper strips through your cut paper.

Older kids should be able to do this themselves. Younger kids may need a bit of help. My 3 year old practiced her pattern skills while making this. We’d pull the paper under then ask “what comes next” and she’d yell “over!” By the end of this project she had over, under, over, under down pretty solidly.

Painted Paper Weaving on

When your paper weaving project is finished you can stick it on the fridge or pop it in a frame. We were actually really happy with the way this looked framed. You could have fun matching the color scheme to your child’s room or your family room. It would look really cute framed in a gallery wall with some family photos.

Do you have a favorite art project that you like to do with your kids? Share the link or description with us in the comments!

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Wednesday 5th of August 2015

We did something like this when I was in second grade, it was just a little different, though. We each painted a picture and our teacher cut the pictures into strips. Then we switched around (Say I got half of Johnny's strips, Megan got half of my strips, and Johnny got half of Megan's strips) and did the paper weaving. It was pretty cool because when you turn the paper one way you have a painting and when you turn the paper the other way you have a different painting, and because we didn't swap with a partner, instead we swapped through the class, everyone had a completely different painting.


Thursday 30th of July 2015

That looks like fun and a creative way to keep little fingers busy.