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Printable Weekly Homeschool Schedule

Staying organized as a homeschooler can make a huge difference and really help your days feel smoother. This printable weekly homeschool schedule helps give you a framework for your week and keeps everyone on the same page.

Whether your are a veteran homeschooler or have been thrown into the homeschool world due to current events, staying organized is essential.

I homeschooled all of my kids until my oldest was in 8th grade. My kids have been mostly in public school for the last few years but, due to health issues, I’m going back to homeschooling my kids again (minus my high school senior who will be attending classes on our local college campus.

I loved my time homeschooling and I’m looking forward to having that time but I’m also a bit overwhelmed at the idea of suddenly homeschooling 5 kids while working.

Staying organized is going to be essential for us and, I know from experience, having a basic schedule (with room for flexibility when needed) makes a huge difference in our day.

This Printable Weekly Homeschool schedule is a great way to make a visual plan for your week so everyone can stay on task.

Post this somewhere everyone can see if and use it to keep your week running smoothly.

How to keep your homeschool week organized

One thing I learned during our time homeschooling is that schedules are fabulous but you have to include some flexibility into your day. Stuff comes up and our days flowed much better when we were able to adapt our day as we went.

It is definitely important to have a basic schedule to keep you on track, just be willing to let it slide for the day if your kids are really absorbed in a project or a great opportunity

  • Post your weekly plan somewhere visible.
  • Go over your schedule together at the beginning of the week so everyone knows what to expect.
  • Fill in any consistent events on your schedule before printing and use that as a template each week to save time.

Download this Printable Weekly Homeschool Schedule