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Parents: How to Help Your Teen Improve SAT Scores

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Parents, do you need to help your teen improve SAT scores? College admission testing plays a key role in helping teens get into college so knowing how to improve your SAT score is essential.

Taking the SATs is a major milestone in the college application process. Most colleges require students to submit their SAT (or ACT) scores when they submit their application.

Take the SAT More than Once to Improve SAT Scores

Think of the first time taking the SAT as a practice round. A lot of students just take that first score, whether they are happy with it or not.

Taking the SAT again can help improve your score, especially since you likely won’t be as nervous the second time around when you know what to expect.

  • Get a good night’s sleep before the test
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and aren’t distracting

Prepare for the SAT with an SAT Prep Course from

Taking a formal SAT prep course often doesn’t fit in a student’s busy schedule. Fortunately, there are some great options that can be done during the time a student has. offers some fantastic SAT prep courses that students can work on anytime they want. They even have a phone app so students can prep on the go, if they need to. has several options for SAT prep, including subject matter specific courses and practice tests.

Practicing for at least 30 minutes a day leading up to taking the SAT test can have a huge impact on a student’s scores. I love that includes interactive videos and the option to take practice tests so they appeal to students with a variety of learning styles.

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Help Your Teen Improve SAT Scores By Focusing on Weak Areas

When studying for the SAT, you’ll see the most improvement in your score when you focus on the areas you are weak in.

If the first time you took the test you found that your math scores were the lowest, emphasize math practice during your SAT prep. This can help you see a more dramatic increase in your SAT score

Take Practice Tests

Part of prepping for the SAD is understanding the format of the questions. Practice tests are the most effective way to become comfortable with that style of testing.

Some schools offer practice exams. If that is not an option for you, look into options such as practice tests or other online practice tests.

Learn SAT Test Strategies

The SAT is different from most other tests students must take. Learning a few SAT test strategies and practicing some test-taking time management can go a long way in helping teens to improve their SAT scores.

YouTube can be a great resource for some of these testing strategies, such as knowing when to guess on questions, how to eliminate incorrect answers, and more.