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Successful Homeschooling: Creating an Engaging 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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Are you trying to plan a 4th-grade homeschool curriculum? There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming to decide what homeschool curriculum to buy. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your 4th grader that works with their learning style and helps you both to make it through the year with some great memories. We even have a homeschooling secret weapon that has been a game-changer in our homeschool experience.

As a parent, I’ve found that homeschooling 4th grade is one of my favorites to teach. It’s a sweet spot where kids are starting to get a good grasp of those foundational skills like reading and math and move into more challenging topics. We’ve really loved diving into some hands-on projects at this age and learning through a wide variety of methods to be sure that kids stay engaged and they gain a well-rounded education.

Fourth graders are really starting to explore the world around them – different cultures, historical events, how the world works, and all that good stuff. It’s not just about reciting back information — kids really get to dive in and discover new things. My goal with my kids is to help them learn to really enjoy learning so they can become lifelong learners, be curious, and grow into well-rounded individuals. That’s why a good, balanced 4th-grade education is so essential.

Important resources for homeschooling 4th graders

Before we jump into 4th-grade curriculum options, there are some great parent resources out there that have helped me as a homeschooling parent over the years and made the experience smoother for everyone.

What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know

This reference book was like my homeschool bible. Often we didn’t use all of one curriculum, we skipped around based on what worked best for my kids or what we felt like doing that day. Sometimes this made me worry that we missed things we needed to cover. Using the “What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know” book helped give me peace of mind because I could be sure we were on track to cover all the skills my kids needed to know during their 4th-grade year. I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this. It’s affordable and in a pinch, you could use it as your only “curriculum” for the year just by teaching the skills in the book if you wanted to homeschool on a budget.

The Well-Trained Mind

There are a lot of different homeschooling philosophies out there. Even though we didn’t 100% stick to a classical education method, I found The Well Trained Mind to be a great resource during our homeschool journey. Not only does it include real-life homeschooling experiences but it also has an impressive list of homeschooling curriculum recommendations, many of which we’ve tried and loved.

The Brave Learner

This is a great homeschooling book that I highly recommend reading before you get started. This will help you remember that it is not just about forcing kids to learn as much as possible but making sure they have fun and enjoy the process too.

What subjects are taught in a 4th-grade homeschool curriculum?

Before you can start buying curriculum, it’s important to look at the bigger picture and decide what subjects you want to cover in 4th grade. Most 4th-grade classrooms cover Math, Science, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies, so that’s a good starting point.

I like to go a bit more in-depth into history, simply because I love it and there are so many ways to incorporate history into the books we read anyway.

Once you have your core subjects decided on, you’ll want to consider any extracurricular activities like piano lessons, sports, art classes, etc.

Note: Homeschooling can be overwhelming. I always tell new homeschooling moms that in a pinch, just make sure kids read every day and do some math. I was on bedrest with twins one year while homeschooling and we mostly read and memorized math facts and my kids still tested ahead of grade level the next school year.

Before deciding on your homeschool curriculum, you’ll want to know whether you’d like things your child can do independently, with an adult teaching, or a combination of both.

I’ve found when homeschooling multiple kids at different levels (and just being generally busy) I like having a mix of options so that kids can work independently when needed.

Independent 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Independent homeschool options can still be taught by or done with an adult, but they give kids an option of working on their own.

My family’s favorite independent homeschool curriculum for 4th grade is They have interactive video courses that feel a bit like a more kid-friendly YouTube, but they are structured in a way that the subject is completely covered and have quizzes and written content to be sure kids are understanding the material.

Use the code “BusyMommy”‘ to save 30% on your first 3 months of is a really affordable homeschool option, especially when you consider how many different courses you have access to with it. I’ve often spent much more buying physical curriculum and all the supplies that are needed to make them work. For kids who do well with digital learning, this is a great way to homeschool on a budget.

My kids and I often sit and watch the video lessons together so we can talk about what they are learning, and because in 4th grade my kids have always enjoyed having me participating in their education as much as possible.

For a full 4th grade homeschool curriculum with, I’d recommend:

  • 4th Grade Math (and the Math Games for Elementary School course)
  • 4th Grade English
  • 4th Grade Science
  • 4th Grade Social Studies

For kids that are looking for a bit of a challenge, I’d look at the literature study guides that offer a deeper look at some of your favorite books like Charlotte’s Web or Matilda.

Supplemental Independent Homeschool Curriculum

There are some great supplemental homeschool resources that you can use when kids need to work independently. This is definitely not a full list but these are some of our favorites.

Teacher-Led Homeschool Curriculum for 4th Grade

You may choose to go with teacher-led homeschool curriculum for all or part of your 4th grade plan. There are some great options out there, many that don’t require much prep work.

4th Grade Homeschool Math

  • Saxon Math 5/4 Homeschool: Complete Kit 3rd Edition – This is a very thorough math curriculum that has a lot of repetition. That is not a great fit for every student but for kids who do well with this method, it can give them a very strong foundation in math. I’d recommend signing up for Nichole the Math Lady for some great videos to go along with these lessons
  • The Good and the Beautiful Math 4 Course Set – This curriculum is very visually appealing and has some fantastic videos that go along with each lesson. If you want to print it yourself, the PDF version (with the videos) for this level is free.
  • Prodigy Math – This is more of a supplement (and it can be done independently) but it is a fun addition for 4th-grade math.

4th Grade Homeschool Language Arts

  • All About Reading – This is my favorite reading curriculum because it is so hands-on. Kids learn with a variety of different learning styles and the activities are so much fun. It’s worth nothing that the levels on these do not correspond to grade level so you’ll want to evaluate your child’s current reading skills before deciding on the right level.
  • The Good and the Beautiful Level 4 Language Arts Course – This is a very fast moving course, so it isn’t a fit for all learners. Like the math curriculum, this level is free if you want to print it yourself so you could give it a try and see if it works for your child
  • Wordly Wise – This vocabulary workbook includes a variety of activities, including puzzles, which makes it fun for 4th graders
  • Spelling workout – We’ve really enjoyed these spelling books and, like Wordly Wise, they also include fun puzzles that help kids learn the spelling words

4th Grade Homeschool Social Studies

4th Grade Homeschool Science