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Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Boys

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Looking for Easter basket ideas for teen boys? We’ve found some great ideas that your teen will love.

Teens are past the stage where they are satisfied with a stuffed bunny and some chocolate. Putting together a great Easter basket gets a bit trickier when you can’t just shop the holiday aisle at your local store. Fortunately, there are some great options for teen boys that are perfect for filling an Easter basket.

I used to have so much fun filling Easter baskets, but it has gotten a bit trickier as my kids have gotten older. My teens may not believe in the Easter bunny anymore, but they do love waking up to a basket full of treats that they can enjoy along with their younger siblings.

Easter baskets are such a fun way to show our teens that we love them. I find it’s a bit harder to express love when my teen boys will only tolerate a hug every once in a while.

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Easter Baskets for Teen Boys

First things first, you’ll need an Easter basket.

For teen boys, I like using an Easter basket that can be used for something else. Teens usually aren’t impressed by frilly Easter baskets anyway and they love having something they can use for something functional.

We have a few traditional baskets we’ll use sometimes, but I love the idea of using storage baskets, hats, or other containers that my teen can use after Easter is over.

Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Boys

Now that you have a basket, you need something to fill it with. I like to do a mix of stuff that my teens need and fun things that they can enjoy Easter morning.

I think I nailed our Easter baskets this year. Usually it’s hard to find tiny toys and things that my teens will be into, but we came across some great ideas this year that I just know they are going to love.

Easter Basket Toys for Teens

My teens may not be into the same toys they used to enjoy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want something fun to play with. I have younger teens and they are still very into puzzle toys and building toys.

Easter Basket Toys for kids
  • Krom Deluxe is a fun juggling game that is a huge hit with teens.
  • My teens have loved these contact juggling balls and there are plenty of fun YouTube videos showing tricks you can do with them.
  • If your teen is coordinated, he may like traditional juggling balls too. These are such a fun way to build hand/eye coordination too.
  • Mozi Kinetic Arm Spinners are HUGE hits in Easter baskets. I’d never heard of these until we had discovered them a few years ago. They are so fun to play with. My son told me he sees them all the time at school so they must be a hot item this year. They roll up and down your arm but if you hold hands with someone you can actually transfer them over from person to person as well.
  • Always a hit is the Rubik’s Cube. My kids love these. They have their eye on some of the other variations like the 4×4 Rubik’s Cubes and the Pyramid Speed Cubes (that look impossibly hard to me, but my teens think they are awesome).
  • Teens LOVE these Origami brain teasers. This is such a fun twist on traditional origami!
Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Boys
  • My teens have always loved to build things. Lego sets have always been a favorite around my house. I’m not sure they are something you ever outgrow. Even my husband will still join in on the fun sometimes. This year, we’re adding the Millennium Falcon™ Microfighter to our collection. My teen likes to keep these sets on display in his room so he’s always excited to get a new one.
  • We recently discovered these 3D metal puzzles from Metal Earth and I’m sure these are going to be a hit. These look AMAZING when they are done and they are a great option for teens who want a bit of a challenge. They have all kinds of options (everything from dragons to the Doctor Who Tardis).
  • If your teen would like 3D puzzles made out of wood, these puzzles from Wooden City are a great option. These even have moving parts when you are finished building them.
  • Fidget toys are always popular gifts for teens. We love these infinite cubes. These are kind of addicting to play with and make great Easter gifts. For a quiet fidget option, this ONO roller has fantastic reviews.
  • For teens who like to collect things, Funko Pops are a lot of fun. There are so many options that most teens can find characters they love.
  • Card games make great additions to teen Easter baskets and Cover Your Assets is one of my family’s favorites (see more teen-favorite card games here)

Personal Care Items for Teen Boy Easter Baskets

Once I choose a few nicer items to put into my teen boy Easter baskets, I usually need a few filler items to take up space and give them some fun things to use. I love to find personal care items that they need anyway, but maybe make them a bit more fun by finding brands they have been wanting to try or add some of the nicer products they don’t always have on hand.

Here are a few of my favorite personal care items for tweens:

  • This year, I’m popping washcloths into each child’s Easter basket. They are tied up all pretty with a bow so they look a bit more exciting and every child has their own color to keep them separate from each other. These ones are super soft so they are perfect for washing faces.
  • NOW Shea Butter Lotion – I’ve used some really expensive lotions and I keep going back to this one. It works fabulously and doesn’t have any icky ingredients in it. My teen boys love that it doesn’t have a strong smell either.
  • Have your teens discovered Mightly Patches? These little stickers contain medical-grade hydrocolloid and they can improve the appearance of zits overnight. We’ve tried these and they are honestly pretty amazing.
  • Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes – These are perfect for teens who need a quick way to wash their face.
  • Speaking of wipes, these DUDE Wipes facial wipes are hugely popular with teens. They also have wipes to keep … other places clean too.
  • I switched my whole family to Philips Sonicare toothbrushes a while ago. We have had very few cavities since so we will never switch back. These make great gifts for teens, especially since it’s something they can use every day.
  • This little manicure set has everything teens need to keep their nails looking tidy. It also comes in a good-looking case that teens will love.
  • This Oxy Maximum Action 3-in-1 treatment is great for combination skin. We also love this pore clay mask.
  • Teens often have sensitive skin and Harry’s Razors and shaving cream are the best we’ve found.
  • Finding toiletry bags that don’t look like they belong to a 50-year-old man is way harder than it should be. This Gonex toiletry bag comes in fun colors for teens and is super functional. It’s a great way to store toiletry items at home or while traveling.
  • To give hair some extra volume without heavy hair products, this sea salt spray does just the trick. For teens who need a bit more hold, this Bed Head Hair Paste is a great option.
  • For teens who deal with dry scalp or dandruff, this scalp massaging shampoo brush does a fantastic job. Plus it is the perfect size for a teen boy Easter basket.
  • Some gifts for teen boys may be more for the benefit of those around them, and this Poo-Pourri spray is definitely it!
  • Miles deodorant is specifically formulated for teens and is Phthalate and paraben free.
Teen Boy easter Basket Ideas

Tech Toys for Teen Boys

Want something really fun in your teen boy’s Easter basket? Tthere are a few tech toys that are just what you are looking for.

We love the Amazon Echo Dot. My kids use them as alarm clocks (and everything else). The dot is the perfect size to tuck away on a side table next to your bed. Conveniently, it is also the perfect size for an Easter basket.

Tech Toys for Teen Boys

More Tech Toys for Teen Boys:

Easter Basket Candy for Teen Boys

Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Boys

No Easter basket is complete without candy. We prefer to go with a few family favorites rather than filling Easter baskets with candy that won’t be eaten.

This Easter snack box from Gift A Snack has a great assortment of treats and is perfect for gifting or distributing among several Easter baskets.

We have a sweet spot for these Haribo Grapefruit Gummy Candies. I don’t even like gummy treats and I’m obsessed with these.

My all-time favorite chocolate bar are these Flake Bars. My mom is British so I grew up on these and the texture is just as good as the chocolate. You won’t find these in local stores though (unless you have a British store nearby). You’ll have to order these online. A close second in the British chocolate category are these Crunchie bars. They are filled with a honeycomb center that is unbelievable.

If you want some amazing chocolate that is a bit easier to find, you can’t go wrong with Lindt chocolate. We love the Lindt Chocolate Truffles. You could easily buy a box and pop these in all your Easter baskets. If you want something a bit more festive, go with these Lindt Chocolate Carrots, this Lindt Easter Egg Carton or this Lindt Gold Bunny Basket.

Teen Boy Easter Basket
Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Boys


Monday 11th of March 2019

Where did u find the Easter basket?

Rachel Lister

Monday 11th of March 2019

I'm pretty sure I grabbed these at TJ Max. They were in the display near the checkout last year.