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Best Easter Basket Ideas for Tween Boys

Looking for Easter Basket gift ideas for tween boys? We’ve got you’ve covered with these fantastic gift ideas for tweens.

Shopping for Easter basket gift ideas for tween boys can be super frustrating. Tweens are right at that in-between stage where they are too old for toys … but pretty disappointed if they don’t get any in their Easter basket.

These Easter basket gift ideas for tween boys will get a smile from even the most hard-to-shop-for tween boy.

Looking for an Easter Basket gift idea for a teen boy? Check out this list.

Easter Baskets for Tween Boys

First, you’ll need an Easter basket to put all these great gift ideas for your tween boy in.

You could go with a classic Easter basket. We have a few of these we rotate through. They aren’t necessarily exciting to a tween boy, but as long as they are simple like this Easter Basket (LOVE the plastic insert) or these classy looking wooden Easter baskets tweens won’t be irritated by them.

If I’m looking for something new, I love going with functional storage containers that my tweens will use year-round. This prevents me from needing to store an extra Easter basket and, fingers crossed, maybe my tween will actually clean his room.

These large storage bins make a bright and cheery option for Easter. I love the classy look of these foldable linen storage boxes (and they’d make great belt or tie storage later).

These bins from StorageWorks have a metal frame built in so they are super sturdy and they look great on a shelf.

For a super functional Easter Basket option, I love using new lunch containers. These Thermal Insulated Lunch Bags can easily pass for Easter Baskets and are super functional long after Easter is over. These YETI Daytrip Lunch Bags are very sturdy and can definitely hold up to tween boys.

I don’t know a single tween boy who doesn’t need some help getting his laundry off the floor and into a laundry basket. This Linen Collapsable Laundry Basket is a great solution and can be used as a one-time use Easter basket!

Fun Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Tween Boys

Tween boys are still little boys at heart and they definitely need something fun as Easter Basket fillers. These Easter basket gift ideas are perfect for tween boys who are too cool for toys … but still want something fun.

I love popping a fun game into our Easter baskets. My tween boys LOVE Sushi Go and Cover your Assets.

These novelty mugs include a basketball hoop that make hot chocolate WAY more fun.

You can’t go wrong with puzzle toys. You could opt for a classic like a Rubik’s Cube or go for a variation with these assorted shapes to make things a bit harder.

My tween boys love challenging puzzles like this Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle Set or these 3D Wooden Brain Teasers.

It’s always fun to have something to fidget with. This magnetic putty is fun to play with or we love these infinity cubes. We have had so much fun with these Geometric Magic Flow Rings.

Kanoodle is always a favorite with kids who love brain teasers. My tweens love these Wooden Puzzle Magic Balls (although I can not put them back together to save my life).

Building toys are always a great gift idea for tween boys. I look for something more challenging. My tweens love these Metal Earth kits and this Metal Earth ICONX Star Wars Boba Fett is perfect for the Mandalorian fans out there. If wood is your tween’s preferred medium, this Harry Potter Hedwig 3D Wood Puzzle & Model Figure Kit is a great choice.

Creative tweens will love the Stikbot Animation Studio. This clever toy will help kids make their own stop motion videos.

We LOVE These MEl Science kits. Right now you can get your first kit for just $0.99! Order now and pop the first one into your tween’s Easter Basket.

Practical Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Tween Boys

Easter basket ideas for tweens can be challenging. While I always like to include a few fun gifts, I like to fill int he gaps with practical items that tween boys use on a regular basis.

Tweens are just getting to the point where they need to pay attention to skincare. I love CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser for tweens because it is mild but gets the job done. For tweens who are having trouble getting into the habit of washing their faces, Yes To Clear Skin Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes is a great option.

Tween boys may need some extra strong soap. This Turner and Addie Teen Soap Bundle uses only natural ingredients and it is run by a brother/sister team!

Need a little something to stay warm this winter? This burrito blanket makes a fun gift idea for tweens.

Tweens will love these Do Not Disturb I’m Gaming Socks. These Under Armour Boys Fleece Pants are a wardrobe staple. Your tween boy may not be ready to pick up actual “chicks” but this How to Pick up Chicks t-shirt is sure to get a laugh.

A face mask is an essential part of every tweens wardrobe at the moment. We love this Nintendo controller cotton mask.

Every tween I know needs some help staying organized. Whether your tween is participating in remote learning or just needs an organized space for homework, this mesh desk organizer is a great option. Pair it with this handy Gooseneck iPad Stand Desk Lamp combo to finish off their workspace.

For tweens who love to snack, which is … all of them a CraveBox Care Package is a great way to fill in an Easter basket.

Every tween needs to start working on some basic cooking skills. The How-To Cookbook for Teens is a great way to get started.

It’s always a good idea to take your vitamins! This SmartyPants Daily Gummy Multivitamin designed for teen guys is just the one to choose.