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Easter Ideas for Older Teens (That They’ll Actually Want)

Finding great Easter ideas for teens is tricky. These Easter ideas for teens are perfect, even if your teen is too old for Easter baskets.

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Buying gifts for older teens is enough to make you want to hand them a gift card and call it good. Teens are just so hard to shop for, and if your teens are like mine, the only things you know they actually want are super expensive and not typically suitable as Easter basket fillers for teens.

These Easter ideas for teens are perfect for even the hardest to shop for teen. We’ve talked to our own teens plus their friends to put together this list of foolproof gift ideas for teens.

For younger teens, check out this list of Easter basket ideas for teen boys or Easter basket ideas for teen girls.

Food Related Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

Older teens still love getting a few fun surprises on Easter morning but it can be so hard to find smaller gifts that they will get excited about.

My go-to for teens is FOOD. They never turn down food. Think beyond candy (although mine LOVE Lindt Chocolate Carrots or British Cadbury Flake bars available here).

I’ll often include non-sugar snacks to counteract the Easter candy like these Salt and Vinegar almonds (I’m obsessed with these) or Jack Links Original Beef Jerky.

Some of the easiest food items to pop in an Easter basket for older teens are boxes of their favorite cereal or novelty soda like these … interesting flavors.

Take snacks one step further and give teens tools to make their own food. We love this sushi kit or this cake decorating set to help teens learns some new tricks in the kitchen.

If your teen really wants to get hands-on with their food, these microgreen growing kits are a fantastic way to bring the farm to your kitchen. Get $10 off here.

If your teen really wants to get hands-on with their food, these microgreen growing kits are a fantastic way to bring the farm to your kitchen. Get $10 off here.

Personal Finance Easter Gifts for Teens

Gift cards are always popular with older teens. I like to buy gift cards that are more targeted to their needs and hobbies, rather than doing a generic Visa gift card, although those work in a pinch. My go-to is gas gift cards, local fast-food restaurants, local entertainment attractions, and Amazon gift cards.

Throw in a Thread Minimalist Wallet (all my teens LOVE these) and you have a fun way to give gift cards.

For a more rugged look, this Ridge metal walletis a great way to go.

Tech Easter Gifts for Teens

Do you have a tech-loving teen? AirPod cases come in all kinds of styles (like this cute pineapple case) and are perfect for a teenage Easter basket. For a more rugged option, this Valkit case is a great option.

Camera accessories are fun for older teens. Keep things simple with a flexible phone tripod.

This Xenvo Pro wide angle and macro lens for iPhone is a fun way for your teen to take their phone photography to the next level.

A flexible phone tripod is perfect for video chats or streaming videos and is a must-have for every teen.

Stylish Easter Gifts for Teens

Cute socks make great Easter basket fillers for teens. I love these hedgehog socks from Woven Pear.

New Flip Flops are a great Easter basket gift option for teens. These Havaianas Slim Flip Flops are SO comfortable. My teen boys love OluKai sandals and we often find them on sale.

For a stylish and super functional belt, this Groove Stretch Nylon Belt with Magnetic Aluminum Buckle has been a huge hit with my teens.

This Chips, Salsa, Repeat graphic tee pretty much describes my teens’ live goals.

This COOFANDY Hoodie is a slim fit and goes with anything.

Artistic Easter Gifts for Teens

Artistic teens will love a Buddha Board for their desk. This uses only water and is great for stress-relief. They come in several sizes if your teen would prefer a more portable option.

Paint-by-Number kits are always a fun option. My teens love working on these when they are stressed and they make such a great addition to bedroom decor when they are done. If your teen prefers to create their own masterpieces, these Arteza Real Brush Pens offer vibrant colors.

A Scratch Off Movie Poster is a fun way to work your way through classic movies.

If building is more of your teen’s thing, this Metal Earth Delorean 3D Metal Model Kit may be the perfect Easter gift.

Personal Care Gifts for Teens

Once I fill up a teen Easter basket with some fun things, I like to fill in the gaps with personal care items that they’ll use on a regular basis. I’ll often choose brands or items that are a step up from their everyday routine to keep things fun.

I love knowing that these items will always get used and they add a bit of fun to my teen’s daily routine. Even with the fun Easter gifts I love to find for teens, I often find that the personal care items are the ones they end up reaching for first.

A few of my favorites personal care gifts for teens are: