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The Best Summer Learning Resources for Teens

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Want to keep teens engaged this summer? These are the best summer learning resources for teens!

Summer is something your teen has probably been looking forward to but it is also a crucial time to get ahead academically or get caught up on some of those skills that they may have struggled with during the school year.

Whatever your teen’s motivation, there are some fantastic summer learning resources for teens that won’t interfere with their summer plans.

One of my family’s favorite options for summer learning is Teens can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule by watching engaging videos and making sure they understand the material by answering questions at the end of each video.

Teens even have the option to earn college credit to get ahead using some courses! - create a study plan has all kinds of options for classes. They have the basics like language arts, math, science, history, and social studies, but they also have lot of electives.

Some of the electives they have available include programming, business classes, art, study skills, creative writing, and more.

A subscription is like having unlimited online summer school classes available at your fingertips! Students can even download the app and work through classes on their phone!

Sign up for through this link and save 25% off your first month!

How Does Work? offers a variety of lessons from elementary school level all the way through college and beyond. My adult son is currently using their courses to study for his CNA exam so they are a great option when you want to prepare for a career as well!

Teens can choose classes or topics that interest them and work through the courses on their own time. Whether they have 15 minutes or an hour, they can make progress on their course or explore a subject that they love.

Each course helps students learn through multiple learning styles with videos, transcripts, quizes, flashcards and more.

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The Importance of Summer Learning for Teens

It’s tempting to spend the summer relaxing and spending time with friends. That is an important part of summer vacation too. For kids who have set high goals for themselves or want to catch up on some skills they struggled with during the school year, that time can also be an important chance to get ahead.

The school year goes much smoother when kids prep ahead of time by reviewing more difficult subjects or taking the time to explore interests outside of school.

Additional Summer Learning Resources for Teens

There are lots of options out there for teens who want to dig a little deeper.

  • Explore classes available at your local community center
  • Check out books from your local library about topics that interest you
  • Take time to go through SAT or ACT test prep when you don’t have the additional pressure of school classes
  • Watch educational YouTube videos exploring topics that interest you
  • Hire a summer tutor to get help with a challenging subject
  • Participate in a study abroad program
  • Learn to code using online programs such as Khan Academy or Codeacademy
  • Use learning apps such as Duolingo to learn a 2nd language
  • Sign up for an online class through your school district for credit or dual enrollment through your local college for college credit

We hope these ideas for summer learning resources for teens will help make this summer a fun and productive one. There are some great options out there to continue learning even after the school year has ended.