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Citrus Stamped Canvas Art Project for Kids – Perfect Spring Craft!

Need a project to keep kids busy this summer? This Citrus Stamped Canvas art project is fun for kids and adult DIYers.

This project is really simple enough that even your really young kiddos can do it with a little help. I think this would look so cute in a kitchen or dining room! Match up the colors to the color scheme in your home. Kids love to see their artwork displayed and this is a great way to add a pop of color to your walls.

kids canvas art project

I try to let my kids add their own touch to our home whenever I can. I love framing their drawings and artwork. Not only is it fun to look back on as they grow but it gives them so much pride to see their work displayed in our home.

This Citrus Stamped Canvas art project looks amazing up on your walls. It brings such a fun pop of color to any room and this project is so much fun to do together with your kids.

Get creative and customize this project to fit your needs (and your home colors).

Supplies Needed


1. Cut fruit in half-It works a bit better if you let them dry out for a bit before applying paint

2.Paint your canvas any solid color you choose. Light colors work best.

3. Use you brush to apply an even coat of paint. Try to avoid gobs to get the best print. It helps to practice on paper before doing it on your canvas.

4. Keep stamping until you fill the canvas and are happy with the pattern.

5. Optional: I added polka dots with a brush to make it look a little more finished

ALL DONE! Wasn’t that fun?

Encourage your kids to be creative with this project and make it their own. A few ways they can do that are to experiment with different background colors/stamping colors, make their own pattern in the background, try painting multiple colors on the fruit, use different sizes of fruit.


kids art project


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Sunday 14th of May 2017

Hey great post. I hope it's alright that I shared this on my Twitter, if not, no problem just let me know and I'll remove it. Either way keep up the good work.

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Monday 25th of May 2015

This is fantastic! My kids would love doing this plus they would be so proud every time they saw the artwork on the wall! Thanks for sharing!